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 Wednesday, October 16
Terry Family at Blue Note Napa
Locals Night!
7:00 pm
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Napa, CA, September 28, 2019: A few weeks ago we wrote with news that we were competing in the Grand Finals of the West Song Songwriters competition at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. We saw many great performances that night of some seriously well-crafted tunes. At the end of the night, we were moved and honored to be awarded Best Song of the Year for Dad's song, The Walls Stand On and On.
Our local paper, the Napa Valley Register wrote a piece about the the competition and award. Check it out here.

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Napa, CA, August 20, 2019: Dad came home from his songwriting retreat with Dar Williams and friends and, fully inspired, added a couple more West Coast Songwriters best song awards (“Gone” and “My Birmingham Home”) but more importantly walked away with Napa's Best Song of the Year for his tribute to Emmet Till “The Walls Stand On and On." We will be performing that song (and another of our choice) at the West Coast Songwriters "Grand Finals” on Friday, September 6th at Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, CA. Other winners of Best Song of the Year throughout the greater Bay Area and Portland, Oregon, will present their songs as well. Hope to see you there!

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Napa, CA, Monday, April 29, 2019
: After Dad's unplanned trip to San Rafael on April 2, he packed up his guitar and hit the road like a re-run of Crazy Heart, sans the bowling alleys, whiskey, and slimy motel rooms. For him, that means small venues in NorCal, red wine, and his comfortable bed each night. His song “The Walls Stand On and On” won best song at West Coast Songwriter venues in Vallejo, Napa, and Petaluma and best performance at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. It’s a good one and we’ll debut it at Blue Note Napa on May 7th so come on down. See you there!

Terry Family at Blue Note Napa
Locals Night!
6:30 pm

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San Rafael, CA, Tuesday, April 2, 2019: On a whim, Dad went to the San Rafael West Coast Songwriters monthly contest with our friend Jay Gottlieb last Tuesday. It was a big night with nearly 20 songwriters showing up at Yet Wah, the Chinese restaurant that hosts each month's event. It's an unlikely location for a songwriter contest but they do it right–there's an excellent sound system and a dedicated sound engineer who fine tunes each song.
Dad took home best song of the month with his new tune "The Walls Stand On and On", a modern re-telling of the murder of Emmett Till, and as he puts it, "I got lucky...because one of the judges (Joe Tate) marched with Martin Luther King, and he was all over the song and the story." The other judge, Joshua Zucker, a San Francisco Chronicle staff writer, said, "Great tune. Excellent lyric. Maybe not a pop hit but that's ok. Guitar/finger picking sounds great." Dad's a folk musician, so there's no higher compliment than a song not being "poppy" and the finger picking being top notch.

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Napa, CA, Thursday, March 15, 2019:
After about a 6 month hiatus, the Napa chapter of West Coast Songwriters was back in action this week. For the remainder of the year, on the second Thursday of each month, the contest will take place at Feast It Forward, 1031 McKinstry Street, in downtown Napa.
To say that Dad has accumulated a few new songs that he's itching to get out to the world over the past few months would be an understatement. He brought one of his new tunes, "The Walls Stand On and On", a modern re-telling of the murder of Emmett Till, to the contest this month and took home "Best Performance." Megan McLaughlin brought home to the top prize of Best Song with "Ruby Bridges." Congrats to Megan on her win! No doubt Dad will be back next month with a new tune and perhaps Graham or I will join him. Come on down if you're looking for Thursday night entertainment.–Clark

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Napa, CA, Thursday, August 9, 2018: About a year and a half ago, Dad joined an organization called the West Coast Songwriters. One part of this group, which spans most of the west coast of the US, puts on a competition series. There's a Napa chapter (and a dozen more chapters up and down the coast) that gathers on the second Wednesday of each month. Two judges amble in and then songwriters arrive. They play their tunes for each other and the judges, and at the end of the evening one of the songwriters walks away with the award for best song of the month and a chance to compete in the Napa playoffs in August. If you win the Napa playoffs, you go to compete in the West Coast Songwriters Grand Finals at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley.

That brings us to Wednesday night.

Earlier in the year we won twice (the max you can win) for The State I'm In and Fire in the Wind. This was our second playoffs and it's obviously been a goal of ours to make it to the finals and play the Freight. As you've now surmised, we won! Fire in the Wind took the top prize and we're headed to Berkeley on Friday, August 24 for the Grand Finals.

You're invited to join us. We'll play a song of our choice and then Fire in the Wind. The other winners from each chapter will debut their songs too. It will no doubt be a night of great and inspired music.

Doors are at 7, show at 8. Tickets can be found if you click here.–Clark

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The Napa Register recently interviewed Jim and featured us in their Emerging Artist Spotlight series.
Check out Zak Fennie's piece >

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On Monday, May 14 we took a trip back to the Empress Theater and the Vallejo West Coast Songwriters comp.
We debuted a couple new tunes, When Angels Fall (The Pathway Home) and Like A Stone.
For the second month in a row we took Best Performance honors. Our good friend Jay Gottlieb took top songwriting
honors with an a cappella song he wrote about the sinking of the HMS Victory in the English Channel in 1737.
Congrats to Jay on his new song and well-deserved recognition.


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On Monday, April 7, we played the monthly Vallejo West Coast Songwriters comp.
Each month lucky musicians like us can hop up on the stage of the wonderful Empress Theater and play a couple tunes.
It’s simply a treat just to be there. We debuted a couple new tunes: The Deli Man Died and Darlin’ Lou.
The Deli Man Died took best performance of the night but it was the Empress that won the evening for us.

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